What is your favorite hotel? Where is it located?

It’s the Sheraton, a five-star hotel located in Saigon, Vietnam.

How do you know that hotel?

Before coming to Vietnam for traveling, I searched on the Internet. It’s one of the best hotels in Vietnam.

Why do you choose to stay in that particular hotel?

I like the architecture there, and online all the reviews about the hotel are positive.

Is it by the beach?

No, Saigon is not a beach-side city.

Does it attract many tourists?

Yes, I guess. When I stayed there, it was completely booked.

What type of room did you stay in and what facilities did you get from the hotel?

I stayed in a double-bed room. The room is equipped with air-conditioner, a flat-screen TV, wardrobe, etc.

What do you like about that hotel?

A gymnasium, swimming pool, and BBQ area are available. I also love the green space surrounding the hotel.

Are all the staff friendly and helpful?

Yes, definitely. They all are professional.

How much does it cost a night?

It costs me around $250/night.

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