In general, with adjectives that have both –ing and –ed forms, use the –ed form to
describe how you feel and the –ing form to describe the thing/person/event that
causes the feeling:
▶️ I’m interested in art. I think art is interesting.
I’m interesting in art.
▶️ I’m bored. This movie is boring.
Here are other pairs of adjectives that follow this pattern:
▶️ I’m tired. My job is very tiring.
▶️ I’m excited! This soccer game is really exciting!
▶️ I’m frustrated. The problems in my life are so frustrating.
▶️ I’m surprised. This situation is quite surprising.
▶️ I’m confused. The book I’m reading is confusing.
When talking about people, the –ed form describes a temporary state of feeling, but
the –ing form describes a more permanent characteristic of someone’s personality:
▶️ He’s bored. = He feels bored right now.
▶️ He’s boring. = He is a boring person in general. Other people feel bored when
they are with him.

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