Live is the most common word:
▶️ My family lives in a big house.
▶️ They live on the East Coast.
▶️ I’ve lived in Canada my whole life.
▶️ We’ve been living here for five years.
Reside is a more formal word for live. It usually implies that you live in a place
permanently or for a long time. In legal language, the place where you live is called
your residence.
▶️ He resides with his elderly mother.
▶️ She grew up in London, but now resides in Frankfurt.
The word inhabit is usually used for population groups (not individual people)
living in a particular area, and it is often used in the passive voice:
▶️ The desert is inhabited by nomadic tribes.
▶️ That village is mostly inhabited by fishermen.
If an area has no people living in it, then you can describe it as uninhabited.

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