Either… or is used for ONE thing, but NOT the other.
▶️ You can choose one flavor of ice cream – either chocolate or vanilla.
▶️ We can either go shopping or see a movie, but we won’t have time to do both.
Neither… nor is used for NOT TWO THINGS. You can also say Neither of + two
▶️ I don’t like soccer. I don’t like tennis. I like neither soccer nor tennis.
▶️ I have two brothers. Neither of my brothers have blue eyes.
Neither is also used for agreeing with a negative comment. A “negative commen
is any phrase with a negative auxiliary verb: don’t, didn’t, haven’t, can’t, won’t, etc.
▶️ “I like strawberry ice cream.” (positive comment)
“Me too!”
▶️ “I don’t like strawberry ice cream.” (negative comment)
“Me neither.”
▶️ “I’ve been to Europe several times.” (positive comment)
“Me too.”
▶️ “I’ve never been to Europe.” (negative comment)
“Me neither.”
▶️ “I can speak Chinese.” (positive comment)
“Me too.”
▶️ “I can’t speak Chinese.” (negative comment)
“Me neither.”
The phrase “Me either” is not technically correct, but many people say it in spoken
English instead of “Me neither”!

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