The adjective decent (DEE – sint) describes something good, satisfactory, or
▶️ My job’s not very glamorous, but I earn a decent salary.

▶️ He might seem a bit cold, but he’s a decent guy once you get to know him.
▶️ I’m selling a used laptop in decent condition.
The noun descent (di – SENT) has a few different meanings:
▶️ The action of going down:
After reaching the top of the mountain, the hikers began their descent.
▶️ A downward slope:
The last two miles of the trail are a gradual descent into the valley.
▶️ Describing family origin:
He is of Japanese descent.
The word dissent (di – SENT) can be a noun or a verb, and it means a difference of
opinion; to disagree:
▶️ The pastor’s controversial sermon sparked dissent among members of the
▶️ After the government’s decision to raise taxes, large groups of protesters
expressed their dissent.

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