Both of these words describe something that is large from side to side:
▶️ A wide/broad river
When measuring things, we usually use wide:
▶️ The river is 100 feet wide.
▶️ There was a six-inch-wide hole in the wall.
We also have these expressions with broad:
▶️ broad shoulders (when a person’s shoulders are far apart from each other)
▶️ in broad daylight (in the open light of day, clearly visible)
▶️ talk or describe something in broad strokes (in a general way, without
giving details)
And we have these expressions with wide:
▶️ wide open (with a large opening or vulnerability)
▶️ eyes went wide (your eyes became very open)
▶️ a wide range of things (a large and varied number)
▶️ wide of the mark (when an estimate or guess is not accurate)
▶️ far and wide (across a large area)
▶️ wide awake (completely awake and thinking clearly; not sleepy/tired at all)

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