Something that is embarrassing makes you feel uncomfortable in front of other
people. Your face turns red and you wish you could disappear!
If you are singing a song in a performance, and you forget the words, that would be
embarrassing. If you are introduced to somebody, and then later you call them by
the wrong name, that would also be embarrassing.
The word awkward describes a lack of social skills or motor coordination. A person
who is physically awkward is always tripping and falling, bumping into things, and
dropping things. It is the opposite of being graceful and skillful. An awkward person
trying to play soccer might try to kick the ball, but step on the ball instead.
People can also be socially awkward – making comments that are a little strange,
or not really knowing how to behave in social situations. Sometimes there is an
awkward silence or an awkward moment in a conversation, when nobody really
knows what to say.
Awkward moments are a little bit uncomfortable, but they usually do not have the
more intense feelings of shame like embarrassment. However, some situations can
be both awkward and embarrassing. For example, if you are on a romantic date
and you accidentally make an offensive comment to the other person, that is both
awkward (because you lacked social skills) and embarrassing (because you feel
ashamed in the situation).

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