Both of these words express regret for some problem or something you did wrong.
“I’m sorry” is less formal, and “I apologize” is more formal. There are a few
different ways to continue the sentence. You can say:
▶️ I’m sorry (that) I yelled at you.
▶️ I’m sorry for yelling at you.
▶️ I apologize for yelling at you.
Don’t make the common error of saying “I’m apologize.” It’s either “I’m sorry” or “I
The noun form for a statement like this is an apology. So if your boyfriend forgets
your birthday and says he is sorry, you can then accept his apology. Here are more
▶️ The politician apologized for his offensive comment, but some people are
saying his apology was not very sincere.
▶️ The company issued an apology to its customers for the defective product.
When you accept somebody’s apology and agree not to be angry at them anymore,
you forgive the person.

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