The word other is an adjective. It refers to something different.
▶️ The teacher held a textbook in one hand and a pencil in the other hand.
The word “other” is often used with “the.” It can be used with singular or plural
▶️ We crossed to the other side of the street.
▶️ I liked the lesson, but the other students thought it was boring.
the others students
▶️ Let’s finish this task and leave the other tasks for tomorrow.
the others tasks
Others is a noun, and we use it when we DON’T say the noun specifically. It can only
be used for plural things:
▶️ I liked the lesson, but the others thought it was boring.
= the other students (implied)
▶️ Let’s finish this task and leave the others for tomorrow.
= the other tasks (implied)
The word another is used when you are talking about one additional thing:
▶️ I ate two slices of pizza and I’m still hungry, so I’m going to eat another one.
(one more slice of pizza)
▶️ The Harrisons just had another baby – now they have five children!
(one more baby)
It can also be used to describe something different, like a/an + other:
▶️ I don’t understand. Could you give me another example?
So what’s the difference between “the other” (when use for a singular noun) and
“another” (also singular)? “The other” is specific – it is when there are only two
options. “Another” is general – it describes one of many options.
▶️ There was a red shirt and a blue shirt. I look terrible in red, so I bought the
other shirt. (= the blue one, the only option different from the red shirt).
▶️ I don’t like this red shirt. Do you have it in another color?
(another color = one other color among many possibilities)

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