Use every with SINGULAR, countable nouns:
▶️ I exercise every day.
▶️ Every student in the class has a computer.
▶️ Every necklace in this store costs more than $1,000.
Use all with PLURAL nouns OR with uncountable nouns to mean 100% of many
▶️ All of the students in the class have computers.
▶️ All of the necklaces in this store are expensive.
▶️ All of this furniture is new.
= many pieces of furniture
When talking about time, there is a difference between every day and all day. If you
study every day, it means you study on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. If you study all day, it means you study from early in
the morning until late at night.
Use whole (less formal) or entire (more formal) with uncountable or singular
countable nouns to mean 100% of one thing:
▶️ I ate the whole pizza.
= 100% of one pizza.
▶️ I finished reading the entire book in three days.
=100% of one book.
Here are more examples that show the difference between all and whole/entire:
▶️ I ate the entire cupcake.
= 100% of one cupcake.
▶️ I ate all the cupcakes.
= 100% of many cupcakes
▶️ The whole apple is rotten.
= 100% of one apple.
▶️ All the fruit is rotten.
= 100% of many apples, bananas,
grapes, etc.

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