⭕️ The word l-i-v-e has two pronunciations:
The verb live (with the “i” sound in “sit”) means to reside:
▶️ I live in a small house.
▶️ She lives in France.
The adjective live (with the “i” sound in “like”) has a few different meanings.
When music or a TV broadcast is happening in real time (it was not previously
▶️ There’s live music at the bar on Friday nights.
▶️ We’re bringing you the latest news live from
Washington D.C.
When an animal is alive, not dead:
▶️ He found a live snake in his tent.
The word life is also pronounced with the “i” in “like” and is a noun:
▶️ I’m reading a book about the life of Albert Einstein.
▶️ Do you think there’s life on other planets?
▶️ He has faced many difficulties in his life.
The plural of life is lives:
▶️ My parents are planning to live in Florida for the rest of their lives.
▶️ Thousands of lives were lost in the war.
The word alive is an adjective, and it also means “not dead”:
▶️ It’s amazing he was still alive after being in the desert without water for four
▶️ The oldest person alive is currently 124 years old.

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