آموزش شنیداری انگلیسی پیشرفته مکالمه بیست و دوم


فایل های صوتی:

A: "Hey Cindy. I heard you are seeing someone." B: "Yeah. His name is John. I started dating him a week ago." A: "That's so exciting. Tell me all about him. Is he good looking?" B: "I think he's cute, but not drop dead gorgeous." A: "How did you meet him?" B: "I go to this coffee shop a lot and this guy is always there. We started talking a couple of times, and he finally asked me out." A: "That's so cool. What does he do for a living?" B: "He works in the finance department in a manufacturing company." A: "Do you know if he makes a lot of money?" B: "I don't know for sure, but he drives a nice car and I heard he has a house." A: "How is his personality?" B: "He's very smart and a great person to talk to. In the beginning, we talked for about 30 minutes a day in the coffee shop before he asked me out. Besides that, he's very sweet and romantic." A: "How old is he?" B: "That's the problem. He is 2 years younger than me. What do you think about that?" A: "What's the big deal? I don't see anything wrong with that. If you were 23, then I might be worried he was immature, but you're almost 30 now. 2 years is no big deal." B: "Yeah. That's what I think." A: "When do I get to meet him?" B: "How about a double date. The four of us can go out to dinner and a drink or something." A: "That sounds great. How about next Saturday?" B: "I think Saturday will be good. Let's double check with the guys and get back to each other." A: "Great. I'll call you later then." B: "Ok. Talk to you later."