آموزش شنیداری انگلیسی پیشرفته مکالمه شانزدهم


فایل های صوتی:

A: "Yo Matt. How goes it man?" B: "Pretty good. What have you been up to?" A: "You know that chick in psychology class?" B: "Yeah. You only talk about her every other day." A: "I can't get her out of my mind. She is damn fine." B: "Why don't you go talk to her then?" A: "I think she is out of my league." B: "Chicken. Somebody is only out of your league if you think so. What do you see in her anyway? She is a little chubby dude." A: "She is not. She has a nice figure. And she has such a pretty face." B: "Whatever. If you think so." A: "You like skinny girls or something?" B: "I like normal girls without any flab hanging out." A: "Now you're exaggerating you freak." B: "Seriously, I like a girl who is fit and likes to exercise." A: "How about personality?" B: "It doesn't matter until you are thinking about marriage and I'm not thinking about that yet." A: "Well, I'm looking so I don't care that much about figure. As long as she is nice and sweet."