آموزش شنیداری انگلیسی پیشرفته مکالمه هشتم


فایل های صوتی:

A: "You're Jason right?" B: "Yeah. Tom right?" A: "Yeah. What's going on?" B: "Not much. Just hanging out. A bunch of guys are playing a game for shots." A: "You're not playing?" B: "I had enough to drink already." A: "I hear ya." B: "You in school or do you work?" A: "I work at a marketing company. How about you?" B: "I'm still in school. I have one more year left." A: "What are you majoring in?" B: "I'm majoring in computer science." A: "Where do you want to work?" B: "I would love to work at Microsoft. But it's pretty tough to get in." A: "So I hear. So you come to this club often?" B: "Every now and then. I usually hang out at Pioneer Square." A: "Yeah. That's a cool place. There are a ton of bars to hit in that area." B: "Are you here with Mike?" A: "No. Some of my work buddies. I haven't seen Mike in a while now. Do you know what he is up to?" B: "He's going to grad school." A: "What a surprise. I didn't know he was so studious." B: "Yeah. Surprised us all. Hey, I'm going to get another drink. You want one?" A: "It's aright. I still have to work on this one." B: "I'll catch you later." A: "Aright man."