Dental Care


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Dental Care
نسخه کامل
After every meal, I am in the practice of brushing my teeth. I use a toothpaste recommended by my dentist, and I make sure to floss to remove any food between my teeth. I am also using a special kit for tooth whitening, something that is becoming more popular now. I visit my dentist every six months for a dental cleaning and checkup, and fortunately, my health insurance covers the cost. For most people, if you take care of your teeth, you won't get any cavities.
نسخه خلاصه
After every meal, I'm in thə practice əf brushing my teeth. I use ətoothpaste recommended by my dentist, ən' I make sure tə floss təremove any food bətween my teeth. I'm also using ə special kit fər tooth whitening, something that's bəcoming more popular now. I visit my dentist every six months fər ə dental cleaning ən' checkup, ən'fortunately, my health insurance covers thə cost. Fər most people, if yətake care əf your teeth, yə won't get any cavities.