Online Shopping


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Online Shopping

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Online shopping is really becoming popular around the world, and I have a friend that does all of her buying online. She says she can find whatever she needs from online stores and communities like Walmart, eBay, and Amazon. In many cases, traditional stores have a limited selection of products on display whereas an online store often has a wider selection of goods from which to choose. My friend also says she can also look up product reviews and compare prices much easier from her house than travel from store to store. Equally important, she can shop when it is convenient for her since online stores never close. This saves her time, and she doesn't have to deal with long lines.


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Online shopping's really becoming popular around thə world, ən' I haveə friend that does all əf ər buying online. She says she kn find whatever she needs from online stores ən' communities like Walmart, eBay, ən'Amazon. In many cases, traditional stores have ə limited selection əfproducts on display whereas ən online store often has ə wider selectionəf goods from which tə choose. My friend also says she kn also look up product reviews ən' compare prices much easier from 'ər house thən travel from store tə store. Equally important, she kn shop when it'sconvenient fər ər since online stores never close. This saves ər time, ən'she doesn't have tə deal with long lines.