اصطلاحات و مکالمات خیابانی بخش اول



فایل های صوتی:

You don't have to pay for me. Let's go dutch today.

I have nothing to do. I'm bored to death.

 bored to death = extremely bored

 خیلی خسته کننده و کسل

You've got to be kidding me. I'm 30 years old!
I'm sick and tired of eating the same thing for lunch everyday.
Let's call it a day. I'm too tired to continue working.

  call it a day = to decide or agree to stop doing sth,


Will you please stop doing that? It's getting on my nerves.
I should be more active and less of a couch potato.
 couch potato = a person who spends a lot of time sitting and watching TV.
You read my mind. That's exactly what I was thinking too.

What a gloomy day. It makes me feel blue.

I got into a small accident. It was just a fender-bender.

There's nothing to be scared of. Don't be a chicken.

Make up your mind, we don't have much time.

make up one's mind = Make a decision; decide

I actually prefer going dutch because I don't want to feel in debt to anyone.